Archie Royal

Playfully crafted for Harry and Meghan’s son Archie. This warm sweet blend of Cranberry, Apricot, Oil of Bergamot, Coconut, wild flowers and Berry is literally a hug in a cup!

Spencer George

Blended in honor of Prince George a smooth, gentle mix of Assam, Raspberry and Bergamot tea leaves.

Charlotte Rose

Blended in honor of Princess Charlotte, a bold start and soft finish, this mix of English Breakfast and Mandarin loose teas is finished with a light dusting of rose petals.

Apricot Brandy

As delicious as it sounds! Chunks of dried Apricot and Brandy flavoring add all kinds of warmth to your tea cup.

Prince Louis

Blended in honor of the newest Royal. A gentle mix of Oolong and Mango. A fun one to serve at a Baby Shower!

19th of May

Made for Harry and Meghan! Here’s one way to remember the day of their nuptials. This robust tea blend is made with a malty Assam and hints of spice. 

Berry Beautiful

A mix of black currant black tea, wild flowers and locally grown antioxidant rich dried Elderberries. This earthy blend will keep you alert and healthy. Delicious iced too!

Decaffeinated English Breakfast

For those tea drinkers who enjoy a good traditional cuppa but are unable to have the caffeine. Gorgeous with a drop of milk and sugar drop, or as you like it.

Decaffeinated Elderberry Passion

A light fruity decaf tea rich in antioxidants thanks to the presence of locally grown dried Elderberries. Delicate enough to allow a good night’s sleep. Enjoy with a spoonful of honey at bedtime.

Andrew’s Children’s Tea

A fruitful decaffeinated combination mixed by the young master himself, delightful with a touch of honey.