Eddison & Melrose Custom Tea Blends

Our tea collection includes our unique Royal Blends and hard to find flavors that brighten your day with each sip!

4 oz bag $14 / 16 oz bag $52

Iced tea with flowers and teapot

Leaves of Love Tea – a kaleidoscope of colour combining blackcurrant, raspberry and strawberry teas with rose and wildflowers.

Andrew’s Children’s Tea – a fruitful decaffeinated combination mixed by the young master himself.

Spencer George – blended in honor of Prince George, a smooth gentle mix of Assam, Raspberry and Bergamot

Charlotte Rose – blended in honor of Princess Charlotte, a bold start and soft finish from this mix of English Breakfast and Mandarin with rose petals.

Prince Louis – a gentle mix of Oolong and Mango, blended in honor of young Louis.

Archie Royal – named after Harry & Meghan’s little one. A warm, fruity Earl Grey based tea with hints of Cranberry, Coconut, Apricot & Wild Flowers

ELDERBERRY BLENDS: Berry Beautiful or Decaf Elderberry Passion super for a healthy immune system boost

Apricot Brandy – as delicious as it sounds! Chunks of dried Apricot and Brandy flavoring add all kinds of warmth.

19th of May – Malty Assam with hints of spice, made in celebration of the Duke & Duchess of Sussex nuptials.

Decaffeinated English Breakfast – for those tea drinkers who enjoy a good traditional cuppa without the caffeine.

Other Loose Leaf Tea Flavors:
English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chai, Green w/ Mint, Passion Fruit, Raspberry and Strawberry Rooibus