Custom Tea Blends

Four enriching tea flavors to bring joy or respite to your day with each sip.

2 oz bag $8 / 4 oz bag $14 / 16 oz bag $52

solorful tea cup with tea in it

Photo by Jamie Malos

The Eddison Blend Loose Leaf Tea – a smooth combination of Assam, Bergamot and raspberry flavor

The Melrose Blend Loose Leaf Tea -English breakfast tea, apricot brandy flavor with a dusting of rose petals

Andrew’s Decaf  Blend Loose Leaf Tea – a jazzy mix of citrus, berry Rooibos and decaffeinated black tea

True Love Blend Loose Leaf Tea – a blush of Bergamot with blackcurrant flavor, hibiscus and wild flowers

Custom Blended Tea – perfect for your corporate or personal special event

To order:

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